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    Easy and Hassle-free Car Selling With Cash4CarsTownsville

    Selling a car with Cash For Cars Townsville is extremely easy and stress-free. All you have to do is fill our online form, and we will help you sell your car within a day. We have been in this industry for a long time and have formed connections all over the country. This allows us to offer you fast services and top prices up to $11,000 for your unwanted cars in Townsville.

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    Unwanted Car Townsville

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    Just fill our quote form, follow the instructions and sell your scrap car fast without any hidden charges.

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    Car Recyclers Townsville

    Convenient Recycling and Affordable Spare parts at Cash4CarsTownsville

    Cash4CarsTownsville’s green CSR policy helps us reduces harmful emissions in the atmosphere and reuses the available resources. We only send 1% of the wastes to the landfills; the rest of the materials are recycled and reused. When we purchase an unwanted vehicle, it is sent to be cleaned and taken apart.

    Our expert salvage all of the car’s usable parts after the car’s disassembling. The collected spare parts are then fixed and sold at our branches at affordable prices.

    The rest of the metal from the vehicle is sent to a recycling facility, where it’s converted into small metal pallets and is sold to different industries that require it. This reusing old car method can significantly help protect the environment for future generations.

    To learn more about our green policy, contact us.



    What documents do I need to sell my unwanted car in Townsville?

    You only need to provide us with your valid photo ID and your car’s registration papers.

    How long will it take to receive payment for my car?

    If your preferred method is cash, then we will pay you as soon as you sign the papers and hand over the keys. If you prefer to receive your payments via the bank, it will take two working days.

    Where can I sell my unwanted car?

    You can call our team, and they will inform you of our nearest branch, or you can visit our contact us page to know branch locations.