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Cash for Cars Townsville takes pride in removing car body and pay top dollar for all makes, models, and condition.

  • We accept any make, model, or condition
  • We provide free car body removal
  • Get Instant cash on the spot
  • We have a friendly staff
  • Free towing service
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It is only beneficial to get a car if it is in decent working order. If you own a car that is causing you more hassle than it is worth, it’s time to consider car body removal from Townsville.

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    We Accept Cars in Any Condition

    Are you afraid your car body is rusty enough to even have a worth?

    is your car body severely damaged and there is no potential buyer for your unwanted car?

    We will pay you cash for car body removal regardless of its condition. Either it is junk, old, rusty, or damaged we will still pay for it.

    We collect all the vehicles even if they are not registered or near their expiration date. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get a free quotation with one of our friendly representatives on call.

    Since your protection is our primary concern, our professional car removal team is trained and well prepared to tow your vehicle from a car parking lot, driveway, office, garage, house, garden, or corner of the highway without destroying your property. We are professionally insured and specialized in maintaining the safety of you and your property.

    Remember, we are known to provide the best and reliable car wrecker service in Townsville!

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    Top Dollars for Car body Removal

    Top Dollars for Car body Removal

    If you are looking to sell your car for cash in Townsville easier and quicker way, you have come to the right place.

    We aim to make the process easier for our clients without creating any hassle or making any bustle. Once you set the date with our representative, we will reach your doorstep and do an on-site inspection of your car and the good part comes when you will be paid top dollars the same day.

    Car body removal is no challenge for our experienced team, who can handle tows in a variety of conditions. We are still proud of our competitive prices at Townsville, but when it comes to body removal, we are proud to bring even more.

    For so much to win, there’s no need to keep the beat-up old car any longer. Be sure to contact our professional staff to turn your scrap car into hard cash.

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    How long does it take to get the payment once all the paperwork has been submitted?

    We offer to pay our customers on the same day so that they don’t have to wait any longer. We use fast cash on-site as a payment method.

    What kind of cars do you buy?

    We buy all kinds of cars no matter the make, year, or model.

    Will you buy my car if the body is severely damaged?

    The best thing about our services is we buy a car in any condition.

    How much cash will you pay for my car?

    We offer you a fair and reasonable cash amount for your car. Contact us and get a free quote.